Monday, February 27, 2017

Julie's Sunny Sunday

Julie: It was pretty cloudy Saturday.
We had a lot of rain Saturday night!

I was worried that it would rain on Sunday too.

As you can see, the sun came out!
That made me so happy.
I got on the porch!

It is so much fun to sit and look out the window.

Oh February 13 we had a BIG snowstorm.
It kept mum home for 2 days!
Then we had more snow February 16 !
As you can see, we had Winter in one week.

This past week we had mild temperatures.
Saturday night we had a LOT of rain!
Look how mush snow has gone.
Mum says we will have mild temps and more rain this week.
That should take away more snow.

Earl the Squirrel is happy as long as he can find 
the sunflower seeds mum puts out.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Waiting on the Porch with Julie

Julie: Well, I am nice and warm now, so maybe I will go 
out to the porch.

I am really happy that mum put this rug just outside 
the kitchen door.It is a comfy place to sit.
But wait! I hear something!

I have to get closer.
Do you see the white arrow?
It points to a little hole. That is where mice sometimes come 
in from the outside or basement.

I am very patient.

Sometimes I get lucky and cat a mouse!
I take in in the house to play, but mum hears it squeal.
Then she rescues it and then lets it go!
She tells it not to come back.
Sometimes they do.....

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Sunny Calm Before the Storm

Julie: Hi friends! As you can see, I was on the porch 
and it was sunny! As it is enclosed, it was also warm.

I had company too. My big brother JJ joined me on the couch.
So did my sister Georgia.You can see her on our main blog

The sun was SO nice.

It made me feel sleepy.


This is the view from the porch.
As you can see, it was sunny on Sunday..
We also have snow from a storm last Thursday.
Now, mum says we are having a big storm again and this one
might last all day and maybe  into Tuesday!
They are predicting 30-60cm of snow and high winds!
(That is about 12-24 inches for our American friends)
No porch time today!

If you are in the path of this storm...stay safe!

Monday, February 06, 2017

Monday with Julie

Julie: Mum was cleaning this weekend, but she still found
time to take my picture.
As you can see, I am relaxing in my fuzzy bed.

Here you can see that it has lots of soft,comfy floof.
Mum says it is as soft as my fur!
I love to sleep here a lot .
It is even close to a floor vent, so I get lots of warm air.

If it gets too warm, I can stick my toes out.

Yes, this is a cozy place to sleep.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Unexciting Monday

Julie: Things are kinds slow today.
I'm not sure what to do when I finish my bath.
Maybe I will check out the kitchen.


Humph! Not much happening outside either.

Maybe all the critters are busy today.
Maybe they all have the Monday blues too.
I may as well bo back to bed for a nap.

 The kitchen is all yours JJ.
Nothing exciting is happening.

JJ: Really? Oh darn.
I don't suppose you left any kibble in your dish?
Julie: Nope.
JJ: Dang!